Monday, January 08, 2007

Update: The Pittsburgh Pirates & Adam LaRoche

The potential of a deal still lingers on. Pittsburgh officials still have an interest in the Braves 1B, but the two sides can't meet in the middle. They almost had it when Gonzalez and LaRoche were swaped over a month ago, but JS pulled the plug due to health concerns on Mike G's part. Will this ever be made?

Given the holiday break it gave mgmt of both clubs time to think about it. Now that everyone is back at the office and a spark of interest still remains, it looks positive. The Braves have named Chris Duffy, but the Pirates want to keep him for now. What about one of the young gunslingers Zach Duke or Ian Snell? Nope, the Pirates are keeping all SP. It goes back and forth between the two clubs. I think the Pirates are really wanting to make the deal simply Gonzalez for LaRoche, but the Braves want to add another player to the mix. So, the saga continues....

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