Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Mike Hampton Question pt. 2

I just want to reiterate that the post below is based on hopes that Mike Hampton recovers fully and is able to pitch effectively. In reality, Hampton may not rebound from the surgery, have more elbow trouble, and struggle against the big leaguers. A few people that have read the piece today have told me that I'm assuming too much, and the guy could fall apart completely. Yes, there is a chance of that happening, but c'mon let's be optimistic shall we.


Anonymous said...

Let also not forget that we are talking about a former 20 game winner. Someone who has had elbow troubles before, and has rebounded from it before. I dont think its OVERYL optimistic for you to imagine (hope) that Hampton rebounds from his 142nd elbow surgery.

BH said...

I think if at all possible the Braves trade Hampton...Even if he gives us 10+ wins the next two years, that is too much money being spent.

Hopefully James and Davies will develop into the great pitchers we all hope they can be.