Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thorman to LF?...Reitsma not Returning

Happy New Year to all, and sorry for the sporadic posting. Nothing really new concerning LaRoche, Jones, or the rest of the team. Bobby Cox has mentioned that Scott Thorman could be a fit in LF next year. Not a suprise since the Braves are really wanting him in the lineup one way or another. Keeping LaRoche at 1B and giving Thorman an everyday job would make the Braves happy. What about the Langerhans and Matt Diaz's of the world? Right now, there's atleast five different players that could takeover in left; Langerhans, Diaz, Thorman, Woodward, and K.J. For once, the Braves will have two open competitions this Spring; 2B and LF.

The AJC is reporting that six teams are interested in free agent Chris Reitsma. Out of the six the Braves are not one of them. The Reds seem to be the ones making the strongest push towards signing him.

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