Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How willing are the Braves to trade Andruw Jones?

Would you trade him or push to resign him? Andruw has been one of the most beloved Braves over the last ten years. He's the one guy on the team, that other teams would give up a wealthy bounty to acquire. Over the last couple of years his name has surfaced amongst various rumors having him being traded here or there; anyone remember the rumored Jones for Kevin Brown swap back in '04? Yes, that would have been bad, really bad.

Today, Andruw is a 10/5 player, meaning he must waive his no-trade clause if he is to be traded. If your John Schuerholz, what are you to do? Your payroll is slim, so do you sacrifice others in order to bring Andruw back? Or do you trade him before season's end? With the amount of teams that have shown or will be showing interest in Jones, JS has to listen to what these teams are willing to offer. If the right package of players comes along you have to decide if Jones is worth paying $20M+ for the next 5-7 years. Is a CF replaceable? Yes, most definitely. Is the fielding of Andruw Jones replaceable? Nope. We all know Andruw's fielding has been some of the best we have seen throughout baseball in recent years. His hitting is a different story. He's been streaky to say the least but that's Andruw. For the most part his stats have been consistent. He's a career .267/.345/.505 hitter, 92HR's over the last two seasons after accumulating a total of 100HR's in three seasons before that. There's one stat that Andruw has almost abandoned, stolen bases. In the late 90s he attempted 30-40 stolen bases a year, but I guess over time the lb's have added up slowing him down on the basepaths.

I would hope Andruw would want to stay in Atlanta but I really can't see that happening per monetary constraints. I would rather see a trade before the season rather than during the season. Before the season you put someone in place from the start, but during the middle of the season there's the adjustment period that sometimes will cause players to slack in their performance.

Back to the topic, how willing are the Braves in trading Jones? Other teams are willing to trade for him, but are the Braves willing to part ways? In a way they are, but they aren't. They want the talented prospects, premiere players, etc. but it's hard to give up your all-star in return. Sometimes it's just best to move on.

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