Sunday, December 17, 2006

CBS Sportsline: LaRoche for Roberts?

CBS Sportsline wire reports is saying that the Braves are talking with Baltimore about a 1/1 swap. Adam LaRoche for Brian Roberts. Apparently Mark Loretta's agent is already talking with Baltimore. So, the O's have a potential backup plan if Roberts is traded.

Meanwhile, the Pirates and Yankees are talking about the deal that would send Melky Cabrera to Pittsburgh for Mike Gonzalez. It looks as if the three team trade could have been put on the back burner for now. Atleast for today, the Braves have set their sights on Roberts.


Josh McCarroll said...

Ugh! We can't trade LaRoche for just Roberts. I think this was something created through spinning media reports. I read something that said we had talked to Baltimore about Roberts -- which I think is holdover of the Giles and LaRoche deal weeks ago -- that got twisted into LaRoche for Roberts straight up. The fact this rumor is out there tells me it's dead. It just seems that if a rumor is out there about the Braves, it's already been killed by JS. The moves we make are the ones you don't even hear about.

Adam said...

Josh- Good point. Lately it seems that something new is really something that already has been discussed in one form or another or has been shot down by JS.

Either way, I'm not for the 1/1 swap. If Roberts is apart of a package that makes it a little more reasonable. There are a couple of thing that I'm not too fond of on Roberts. His numbers slipped last year and I think he becomes a free agent after '07. Given that, I kind of hope the Braves don't go that route but if he becomes a Brave you still root for him, right?