Monday, December 11, 2006

What's going on?

1. Rocco Baldelli

2. Mike Gonzalez

These two are getting alot of press in the world of Braves rumors. It's funny, the Braves could have had Gonzalez but pulled the plug on that trade. The Braves are still interested in Gonzalez and are looking to come up with something with the Pirates in a multi-player deal involving LaRoche and Gonzalez amongst other players.

Baldelli is someone that could takeover centerfield if Andruw Jones leaves. He's under contract through 2011 and is cheap in baseball terms. These are good things. The Braves are willing to offer Salty and Yunel Escobar as apart of a package for Baldelli. Tampa really wants to get their mitts on Chuck James. That's where things turn sour. Atlanta isn't so sure they want to parts ways with their lefty.

My percentages:

Baldelli- 50/50 whether we acquire Baldelli or not. Atlanta seems to like him alot and could be willing to sacrifice a good bunch of prospects to get him.

Gonzalez- 75/25 in favor of getting him. It will take LaRoche...again. A multi-player deal sounds alot better than a one-for-one swap. I take it as, if the Braves are still pursuing him after we had him the first time then we'll probably get him again.

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