Thursday, December 21, 2006

Film Fun: Rocky Balboa

I was able to watch the latest entry in the Rocky franchise, Rocky Balboa last night. This movie has been in pre-production for the longest time. Stallone wrote a script for another Rocky movie centuries ago, but couldn't get MGM to sign off on it. A year ago they finnally decided to take a chance on it and so Rocky Balboa was in production.

I'm not going to give out any spoilers so it's ok to read this. Coming into this movie my expectations were Med-High. I enjoyed the trailers and thought the movie would be fun to see. I read at a early premiere for R. Balboa, Stallone said he didn't like Rocky V and how it ended so he wanted to do something to add closure to the series. I don't consider this movie a sequel, it carries it's own pedestal. I don't want to give away anything so I'll leave it at this. A freind of mine went to see it with us. He bases everything based on the last of something, I don't know why. Rocky V wasn't good at all in my opinion, and he really didn't like it. So coming into Rocky Balboa his expectations were real low, he thought the movie was going to flop. Well when it was over, he was overly excited and amazed at how good the movie was. Now he wants to buy all the Rocky movies on dvd! So my final recommendation is to give this movie a look, you won't be dissapointed.


XXX said...

They say Philly residents have an unhealthy obsession with Rocky (a fictional character with a statue? Seriously?), but I'm no exception - I can't wait to see this movie...and this review just made me even more excited.

KingBrave said...

Impressive film. It's a great ending to an american movie icon.