Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Goodbye Giles & Reitsma

Today's the day teams allow players they don't want to give $$ to, free. The Braves have until this afternoon to sign Marcus Giles and Chris Reitsma to contracts or they will become non-tendered.

After the players have been released by the Braves, any team can offer them a contract. Marcus Giles is due $5-6M next season, but probably won't get it. Reitsma is due close to $4M. I guess that Giles will get a 1/$2-3M deal and Reets will probably get an incentive laden 1/$1-2M deal. Reitsma is coming off TJ surgery and some team will sign him low and then offer incentives based on innings pitched or whatever. Those are just my estimates. I just hope the Mets stay away from Giles. I can see that turning around to slap us in the face. Those two are the bigger names mentioned but their could be a few other Braves released today. I'll update the post if I read anything more.

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