Thursday, December 21, 2006

Signed: Chris Woodward

Well this one is a little puzzling. Chris Woodward signed with the Braves yesterday in an effort for cheap utility depth?? Add Woodward to the list of open tryouts for 2B this Spring. Speaking of the list, let's take a look at who we've got...

Martin Prado
Pete Orr
Wily Aybar
Kelly Johnson
Willie Harris
Chris Woodward

Six players after one position. Prado played backup to Giles whenever Betemit wasn't around or playing another spot. Pete Orr has been the Braves "utility" guy for the past two seasons. Aybar took over Betemit's rover role last year after being traded from L.A. Kelly Johnson has taken an interest in returning to the infield and has been working with Glenn Hubbard this offseason. Harris was given a ST invite and looks at making the team. Woodward comes in looking for a starting job, but is also versatile at other positions.

I have to say right now, Aybar or Prado are the top two candidates heading into Spring. I don't know how Kelly Johnson is doing in his offseason workouts so I can't put him in the top two just yet. Woodward could replace Pete Orr as the team utility guy while, Harris is more than likely to get a minor league deal with the team.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised with the Woodward signing. Quite.

Like you -- I have to think this bodes ill for Pete Orr.

I looked at a comparison of their respective stats for 2006 yesterday, and neither were praticularly impressive, but Brother Woodward does win out.

I am thinking that whoever loses the Prado/Johnson battle for 2B will start the season at AAA.

Not familiar at all with Brother Harris.

Adam said...

Mantuan- I like your point about the loser of Prado/Johnson starting out at AAA. I think it comes down to those two. Aybar has to given a chance at 2B also, but for right now I would rather have him backup Chipper at third. Chipper seems to be hitting the DL to often these days.