Monday, December 04, 2006

WM Day One: Brave TidBits

As day one progresses, some rumors spinning around concerning our beloved team are that the Pirates have inquired about Adam LaRoche and the Braves replied with Mike Gonzalez. Ken Rosenthal says that if the Braves are to trade LaRoche then Scott Thorman will takeover 1B. Gonzalez would be a great addtion who would eventually inherit the closer's role when Wickman retires.

The Seattle Mariners are dangling Richie Sexson while displaying interest for Tim Hudson. No, thanks! Sexson is owed $28M for the next two years while LaRoche put up similar numbers at 1,000 times less Sexson's rate. However, RP Rafael Soriano could spark the Braves interest.

More Adam LaRoche rumors: Adam LaRoche to Anaheim for Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman? Kotchman hasn't performed well while in Anaheim and Figgins can play anywhere and would likely leadoff. I read this as a possibility between the two teams. I'm not sure about Kotchman and wouldn't mind having Figgins but not for LaRoche. It's hard to judge Adam LaRoche right now. Is he hitting his stride or was last year just an outlier in his stats? I've been rooting for this guy since his rookie season. Sometimes I've been upset over his play and sometimes I've been thrilled but hey that goes for everyone, right? We'll see how these "rumors" pan out.

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