Sunday, December 24, 2006

LaRoche Deal Close..?

Is the Adam LaRoche talk almost coming to an end? Physicals, Players involved, and GM's are all that's holding this back. The Pirates/Yankees/Braves have something on the table. The Braves would receive Melky Cabrera and an unnamed Pirate. The Yankees would get Mike Gonzalez while the Pirates take Mr.LaRoche.

Here's a little history on the situation. LaRoche has been involved in rumors with the Orioles, Angels, Pirates, and Yankees for the past month. Nobody really knew he was available until the winter meetings. JS and company believe that Scott Thorman can duplicate LaRoche's results given the time. I hope this is true.

Here's a rundown of rumored proposals (atleast the ones I can remember):

LaRoche for Brian Roberts
LaRoche for Brian Roberts and Hayden Penn
LaRoche for Hayden Penn and Chris Ray

LaRoche for Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman
LaRoche for Scott Shields

LaRoche for Mike Gonzalez
LaRoche for Mike Gonzalez and Nate McLouth
LaRoche for Mike Gonzalez and Chris Duffy
LaRoche for Mike Gonzalez, Chris Duffy, and Jose Castillo
LaRoche and Kyle Davies for Mike Gonzalez and Jose Castillo

LaRoche for Jose Castillo and Melky Cabrera

The only other Brave that has attracted all of these different scenarios in recent history is Andruw Jones. LaRoche looks like he will be dealt soon enough, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Either way it looks like it will have something to do with the Pirates and Yankees.

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