Friday, December 08, 2006

Rumors Continue...

The winter meetings have ended, but rumors and trades will still happen. Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Braves are interested in Rocco Baldelli and might send Chuck James to the Devil Rays. I read this one earlier in the week, and when the Braves asked about Baldelli, the D'Rays asked for James in return. Are the Braves actually considering this? Jarrod Saltalamacchia could also be in the mix. I agree with some other Braves fans on this one, instead of Baldelli go after Crawford if James has to be involved.

A) Here's my proposed deal for Baldelli:

Braves send Kyle Davies and Ryan Langerhans to Tampa for Baldelli.

B) Here's my proposed deal for Crawford:

Braves send Chuck James, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Ryan Langerhans to Tampa for Crawford and prospect.

I'm not for trading Chuckie J. but if it has to happen make it for Carl Crawford. BTW, I have nothing against Ryan Langerhans, just making him apart of the scenario. I added Salty to the Crawford trade because Tampa always wants more for their players.

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