Monday, December 04, 2006

Tanyon Sturtze. Umm...Okay.

One would suppose John Scheurholz didn't want to overwhelm us with a huge splash into the Winter Meeting/Free Agent pool. Instead, he decided to start us off with a few baby steps into the shallow end, rather than one big ol' cannonball leap from the diving board. Well, I hope the signing of Sturtze is our baby step and JS is preparing to jump into the deep end.

I don't hate the move. Like Adam mentioned, it's a relatively low-risk deal, which is important because Sturtze is still recovering from shoulder surgery. And truth be told, after last year, I'd rather deal with an old (but experienced) retread in the bullpen, rather than the young (and horribly inexperienced) fiasco that was the 2006 bullpen. Still, this isn't exactly the type of deal that makes me feel warm and fuzzy about next year, especially when you see the moves other National League teams are making.

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Adam said...

Sturtze is certainly experienced, but unfortunately he hasn't been glowing with success. Another Brave rehab project.

Jaret Wright-Success
Paul Byrd-Success
Mike Remlinger-Fail
Tanyon Sturtze-???
Antonio Alfonseca-Success (best post-Marlin year)

I have a gut feeling JS will make another push for Linebrink.