Saturday, November 06, 2004

Random thoughts

When I began writing this blog- six whole days ago- I promised myself that I'd try to post something every day, if humanly possible. Well, I missed a day. But it wasn't my fault... I swear it wasn't. I haven't decided whether to blame my rickety dial-up connection or Blogger's site, but the stupid 'puter ate my posts each time I attempted to publish them. After a few tries, I calmly turned said 'puter off and walked away, so's not to put my foot in its ass. Yes, computers do have asses...

You know what they sell on the Internet these days? Tiny little Atlanta Braves baseball caps for tiny little heads. (My big ol' punkin head requires a 7 3/4, by the way). I ordered one of those tiny little caps for my two-year-old niece. It's high time she learned about baseball and such. I wonder if I'll have to use a ping-pong ball to break the bill in?

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