Friday, November 12, 2004

Top five favorite baseball names

Since there isn't much in the way of newsworthy news in either the Braves or MLB camps, I thought I'd fill in the dead space share with you five of my favorite names in baseball. Although there are lots of cool baseball names throughout the game's history, these are the special few I hold near and dear to my heart (right next to my Tim McCarver Game-Worn-Jersey Holo-foil chocolate-chip Franklin-Mint medallion jumbo refractor card).

5. Coco Crisp -I like any baseball player's name when it sounds like a box of breakfast cereal. Why does he go by the name "Coco"? Because his given name is Covelli Loyce Crisp.

4. Bucky Dent -A good name, although I prefer the widescreen version: Bucky F*cking Dent. Even though the guy was a Yankee, I like his name and don't hold his team affiliation against him.

3. Satchel Paige -This is just a cool name; it sounds so larger than life, which is fitting because Satchel WAS larger than life. I wish my momma had named me Satchel...

2. Cool Pappa Bell -No comments needed. A guy named "Cool Pappa" is going to be a great ballplayer, musican, barber, or anything else his heart desires. Man, I wish my momma had named me Cool Pappa...

1. Stubby Clapp -This is the greatest name in the history of names. For those of you familiar with the PCL league and/or the St. Louis minor league system- you know Stubby. My good friend Tommy and I saw him several times when the Redbirds came to Nashville to play. Anytime he'd bat or make a play in the field we'd yell, "Stub-bee!". Sometimes we'd yell it for no apparent reason. We're funny that way.

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