Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Smoltz back in the rotation?

It seems as though John Smoltz, GM John Schuerholz, and manager Bobby Cox have been discussing the possibility of Smoltzie returning to the starting rotation. His desire to do so hasn't been secret during the past few seasons and three of the five current starters are free agents (it's unlikely the Braves can- or will- bring all three back). Hence, the discussions...

My feelings are split on this: on the one hand, a rotation with Smoltz is a better rotation. He's money during the playoffs, and that's something that's been missing during the past couple of post-seasons. But a bullpen without him is a liability, especially when the idea of Antonio Alfonsucka moving to the closer's spot is being mentioned. If the Braves need a large, yellow-haired, six fingered man to blow games for them I can be had for one tenth of the price.

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