Sunday, November 28, 2004

Saturday night out

I went to Chattanooga last night with my friends, Big Stupid Tommy and Evil Hippy. We decided to stop in Cleveland on they way, since we were hungry and such. After much debating, we decided Jenkin's Deli would be the place to get some vittles and appease our hungry bellies. (If you're ever in Cleveland, I highly recommend Jenkin's: they've got good food and it's not too 'spensive.)

Have you ever wanted to order something on a menu but were too embarrassed to, either because you weren't sure how to pronounce the item or it had a really stupid name? Even better- have you been with someone when they decided to order the item with the really stupid name? It happened to me last night. The Evil One had himself a Zippy Chippy Chicken Sandwich. (It made me think about tales of young men asking the pharmicist for condoms for the very first time.)

Just for the record: he said it was a good sammich, but he didn't find it all that "zippy".

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